Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Only Five Minutes

Only five minutes.
The tears and fears would rage
only five minutes.
Nothing could happen in
only five minutes.

Alone in the dark,
fear rising in her tiny chest,
she fights the bars
that keep her inside
and away from those who could
comfort her.

And her little leg
slides betwixt the bars
for just a second
and she is flooded with pain
and still alone.

She becomes sick and finally
she is no longer alone
but the pain is nearly unbearable
as she weeps and cries,
finally comforted.

But again, the next night,
she is alone again,
and still in pain and crying,
and left alone,
only five minutes.

Five nights pass,
in pain, in fear, and alone,
until her caregivers realize
that there is something wrong
with her.

Five nights healing,
a broken leg as she cried
and no one came to her aid,
leaving her alone, in pain and fear,
for only five minutes.

(This is a true story I have heard along my time talking to other parents, of a mother who let her child cry it out for five minutes. In that time, the child broke a leg, and continued crying each night, until finally she began screaming in the daytime when they put a shoe on her. Her leg was broke for five days when they finally took her to the doctor. All in only five minutes.)

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